Lawsuit Washington Post: Sikh TSA agent wins suit over religious wristband

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    Washington Post: Sikh TSA agent wins suit over religious wristband

    A Sikh security officer at New York’s largest airport won a $30,000 settlement against the Department of Homeland Security, which had forbidden him from displaying his kara — a wristband that Sikhs wear to remind them of the divine.

    Kulwinder Singh called it a violation of his religious rights, and took his case to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The EEOC determined that the Transportation Security Administration was wrong to have Singh hide his kara under a long-sleeved shirt, or not wear it at all.
  2. So taxpayers are on the hook for $30,000 plus legal fees because TSA couldn't just be cool about a wristband.

    Who cares, I guess, right? It's mostly monopoly money at this point anyway.
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    And the woman who they exposed in Corpus Christi and then taunted about it only got $10K.

    This country is doomed.
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    I wonder if you can read the script on that wristband when he's got his hand on your b*lls.
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    I wonder about the other four K's he should have had with him - especially his kirpan.

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