Watch list pilots?

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by KrazyKat, Aug 2, 2011.

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    Except that there are 400,000 names on the lists. Throw in a few hundred thousand (or million) false matches and what you end up with is one really sad joke.
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    If TSA is mobilized to answer the last threat, if Napolitano says they get "more intel" on aviation than anything else...What could be more basic than pilot licenses & aviation schools after 911? Forget the other names.

    Every traveller who has replaced hundreds of dollars of "lost" or confiscated personal property over the last ten years has to marvel at the profound incompetence of DHS and FAA:
    The FAA
    for holders of private pilot licenses, (something you need for a job at McDonald's), while U.S. citizen airline passengers are assumed to be suspects.:td:
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    In many states you don't need a social security # for a driver's license either. A small plane weighs less than most cars, the major difference is that it doesn't keep its wheels on the ground.

    I've had a whole hour in a 757 simulator -- 20 minutes flying, 40 minutes observing. I would have no trouble flying one into something. You can get much of the same info and more practice from Microsoft's Airfight. If you can drive a car, you can steer a plane (even my wife did it, & she gave up her drivers license 12-13 years ago). If you look around, you will find PDF's of the operations manuals for many large aircarft on the internet.

    I can see doing background checks at schools with access to flight simulators for large aircraft. Anything more stringent will be as productive as herding cats.
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    And another knee jerk reaction by DHS -
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    Was just looking at my FAA Mechanics Certificate. The certificate # is my SSN.
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    T-e-n Y-e-a-r-s... good help must be hard to find!

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