Watchdog: TSA wastes money storing old equipment

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    USA Today: Watchdog: TSA wastes money storing old equipment

    The Transportation Security Administration could save $800,000 a year by reducing storage of unusable or obsolete equipment in Texas warehouses, a government watchdog said Tuesday. The TSA was storing 17,000 items worth $185 million at three warehouses visited by the inspector general for the Department of Homeland Security in May 2012. The equipment included X-ray units, metal detectors and machines that detect explosives.


    But more than 3,800 items – including 360 headed for disposal – sat in warehouses at least two years. Eight of the explosives-detection machines worth a combined $3.7 million, which the agency stopped using in November 2012, became obsolete while sitting in the warehouse, according to the 24-page report from Anne Richards, assistant inspector general for audits.

    But never fear, the Village Idiot is addressing the situation:

    "TSA understands the need to reassess warehouse space requirements and will do so on an annual basis," John Halinski, deputy administrator of TSA wrote in reply to the report. Halinski noted that TSA must keep some obsolete equipment on hand to replace units in service until replacement machines are bought. He said the agency is coordinating the disposal of the obsolete explosives-detection machines mentioned in the report.
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    It gets worse ... Sounds like a great deal for whatever cronies are getting the rental checks.

    Business Week: TSA Warehousing Equipment for Two Years or More, Report Says

    The U.S. Transportation Security Administration is warehousing $119 million worth of screening equipment in space including an unneeded area the size of an American-football field, the Homeland Security Department’s inspector general said. TSA is renting 72,074 square feet (6,696 square meters) worth of unneeded space in three Texas warehouses to store some of the gear, at a cost of about $800,000 a year, the inspector general said.

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