Westboro Baptist Church is at it again

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Have they gone to far

  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. Rugape

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    The declassifying this group as a church is problematic, as they are (in theory at least) like minded people that proclaim to be Christians with a different interpretation of the scriptures. If you declassify them, then any religious or even quasi-religious organization would have to be subject to the same process. (please do not read that as a condoning of their practices, they are reprehensible hate mongers in my book, and I have seen them first hand)

    The best way to defuse their effectiveness is to simply ignore them, and take whatever legal steps you can to prevent them from having an impact. Another way to downplay their effectiveness would be to keep the media from trumpeting every... single... little... crappy thing they do for four to six hours of the news cycle whenever they do it. That is their goal, as they are publicity hounds that tailor their activities to the news paradigm in this country. They have a corps of fairly pretty young women and men (teens to 20s) that they trot out in front of the cameras most prominently spewing their vitriol (thus insuring that the mindless young people absorb that their message is actually sort of cool, because they have hotties and jocks running around smiling for the cameras, instead of a bunch of old fogies with Einstein eyebrows and a scowl). You know the saddest part is that we as a society have played right into their hands and have made them into what they were always seeking in the first place, D list celebrities of the worst kind. These people are oxygen thieves that do not deserve any more of our collective time.
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    I say let the Patriot Guard take care of WBC. They know what to do.

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