What does TSA stand for?

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by RosemaryT, Nov 22, 2011.

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    Encouraging. I was a cranky old USMC vet when I finally reached college. I wasn't amused by the drivel that passed for knowledge in the Liberal Arts. That's how I wound up majoring in Mathematics. No drivel.
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    Oh, that might be a new favorite.
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    In general, we try to avoid political discussions at TUG, though in a sense everything is political, so such discussions are inevitable! :)

    I would wager that thousands of people reading this website are either receiving Social Security and Medicare benefits, or their family members are. That's fine by me. Those programs are laudable. They are necessary. If it weren't for them, the robber barons who crashed the economy in 2008 (and will crash it again in 2012 or shortly thereafter) would also have stolen those people's life savings. Those guys would just love to get their hands on Social Security and change it to "private" retirement accounts, so they could turn that money into yet more fraudulent derivatives, credit default swaps, and other financial "instruments" that they themselves can't disentangle.

    Yes, government is full of waste and corruption. So are lots of companies. That is, unfortunately, human nature. But let's not throw the baby out with the bath water. The programs of the New Deal made the rise of the middle class in this country possible.
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    TSA = Transport Sturmabteiling, analogous to the brown-shirts (SA = Sturmabteilung) that provided the Nazi party's political muscle in its early years until they got too uppity for their own good and were supplanted by an even worse evil, the SS, on the Night of the Long Knives. It's a great way to get the enemployed & enemployable off the streets and earning a paycheck. In fact, it's the largest public make-work program since the Works Progress Administration.
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    They'll Steal Anything

    Too Stupid for Arby's*

    *No offense meant to Arby's employees; I love those roast beef sandwiches.
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    Best ones so far, IMHO!!! :D
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    Though I'm still partial to Training Slaves for America, here's another entry, with its own Facebook page no less:

    Tolerated Sexual Assault

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