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    For calling the sorry LOW RENT Thugs who work for tsa Calling these employees, Officers ... this implies a modicum of respect from the public. Some very misguided individuals !!! They don't have any certification from any Law enforcement or govt. agency for the title. The disusting thugs who violate the basic RIGHTS of we Americans on a daily basis . Don't deserve any form of acknowledgement or respect.. I have more respect for a bucket of HOG SNOT. At least the hog is innocent of abusing and attacking a citizen.... So that is my take on this TOTALLY disgusting matter.
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    Why the candly coating? Tell us what you really think!
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    The rationale, from TSA's perspective, is a psy-op. You hear the word "officer" used, more commonly than in any other context, to refer to police officers. What most people think of when they think of police officers is authority, weapons, and the power to make arrests. They think "This person is stronger than me, faster than me, has a faster car than mine, has a gun, can detain, injure, or harass me in many ways against which I have little defense." While many of those police actions would be found illegal in a court of law, the fact is that by that time, the harm is already done. As has been said elsewhere in this forum, "You can beat the rap but you can't beat the ride." Sure, in some small towns you have the "Twin Peaks" style police departments where the officers are genuinely out to help however they can, but I'm talking about the kind of thuggery you see on "Law & Order," or at the Occupy protests last fall.

    By using the word "officer" to refer to smurf-clerks, TSA is trying to do an end-run around people's normal consideration of government clerks and evoke those same subconscious reactions that we have when we think of cops. That it is coupled with the cop-a-like blue uniforms and fakey-fake tin badges is no coincidence. They want to unjustly grab as much authority and power as possible, and since they haven't been officially vested with that power by Congress, they intend to take it by social engineering instead. Steal it, just like they steal (thus rendering them common criminals who deserve to be locked up like the subhuman animals they are) travelers' LGAs and try to tell us it's "voluntary surrender" instead. After all, what's the difference between a cop and a smurf-clerk if people treat both with the same deference and fear?

    It's all a sick, (expletive deleted)-up social experiment and part of the reason I see red and wish truly inhumane things upon everyone who works for TSA whenever I think about it.
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    Probably just got his package massaged. If we encourage him to be too candid, it might hurt our ears.
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    IIRC, the term "officer" as well as the pretend badges and new uniforms were instituted because the smurfs weren't getting no respect at the checkpoints. The TSA figured that if they could be made to look like LE, the flying public would respect them more.

    It hasn't worked. It's lipstick on a pig.
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    Actually I think the fake cop TSA uniform has caused more public distrust and disgust of TSA than anything. How can you respect or trust employees of an agency that hires felons and pedophiles? In the case of the pedophile TSA has known about this since 2003. In the case of the felon it was the TSA FSD pushing the airport authority to give airport access clearance to the TSA employee.

    These are two examples of TSA knowing about negative personal history issues and doing nothing.

    In my opinion we can use these two examples to measure the character of all TSA employees.
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