What is the Rochester, NY Police Department Hiding after RPD officer Crashes into Family Car,...

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    By Davy V.
    Rochester, NY Police cruiser E-34​
    after crashing into car carrying baby.​

    Neighbors in one Rochester, NY neighborhood are so afraid of retaliation by the Rochester Police department, that they refused to even comment, after an RPD officer crashed into a vehicle carrying a baby Thursday afternoon on the corner of Hudson Ave. and Durnan St.

    Even Rochester's news media outlets refused to touch this story.


    What exactly is the Rochester, NY Police department hiding?
    Intersection of Durnan St. and Hudson Ave.​

    "The officer did not have the lights or siren on but he turned them on right after the crash", said a man who only identified himself as the owner of Ricky's World, a clothing store located in a small plaza where RPD cruiser, E-34, which was described as having been speeding, came to rest after smashing into the family's car.

    While no one wanted to comment for fear of retaliation by Rochester Police officers, one woman did agree to talk as long as her face was not shown.

    I asked the woman why does she think people are so afraid to talk about what they saw.

    "They're scared, they're feared, they're nervous of what the police can do because they've been doing a lot of stuff to a lot of people in the neighborhood and no one wants to speak up", the woman said.

    Within a few minutes, a Rochester, NY Police internal affairs official arrived at the Durnan Market, demanding the store's video surveillance tape.

    The RPD internal affairs officer entered the store, then after about 20 minutes, he came out of the store and entered a home behind the store, where he remained for more than 30 minutes, before exiting and driving off.
    RPD Internal Affairs vehicle​
    outside Durnan Market.​

    The store's owner who looked very nervous, would only say that RPD officials continue to come to the store demanding a video, which he said does not exist.

    The man said that at no time did the RPD officials show him a warrant, he refused to comment any further.

    Click Play to hear woman speaking out.

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