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    Since today seems like a slow TSA news day I thought perhaps some of you who aren't on Twitter would like to see what passengers say about the TSA. We've all read that TSA thinks "most" passengers think they are doing a good job. Here's some posts from people who actually dealt with the TSA just today. TSA needs to explain what "good job" means to them.

    C Dub@SharpCee
    This airport security line is so long I can't even see the TSA folks

    Bethany Contreras@rinserepeatblog
    I try not to get outraged by TSA, but making me strip off my thin hoodie and hang out in a see-through camisole? Too awkward for 5am.

    Timothy Lucko@tlucko87
    Love how the #tsa, keeping us safe, puts lazy people at xray machines... oh, your gum missed the trash while you weren't doing your job

    Jen Yu@followjenyu
    Complete TSA fail at Boston Logan. You all do not know how to manage a line.

    Kate Davidson@Irisprite
    At Bush Intercontinental Airport you have to "state your name" at TSA.

    Matt Natale@mattynat
    TSA lost my tooth brush :(

    Matt Moyers@MoyTastic
    Denver Intl Airport is the slowest, most restrictive, most inconvenient airport in America #tsa

    Jim Dixon@JD5566
    Just donated a brand new Gel saving cream can to the TSA

    Tyler McAllister@tylermcallister
    Dealing with the morons at @TSA is a great way to start Monday! #MSP

    Miguel Carrillo@mcarrillo111
    #TSA is the most inefficient bunch of useless people with authority

    Braden Pfahl@BradenFall
    A TSA agent just grabbed my penis #violated

    Curt Parsley@monkeedaddy
    Female TSA agent harassing Packer fan at Indy airport checkpoint to fellow agent: "Don't let him through." Stay classy Indy. #colts

    Beth Connolly@bethconnolly
    The latest TSA no-no? Hair with too much volume. "Ma'am, I'm going to need you to turn around so I can pat down your hair." Really happened.

    Jason Cochran@bastable
    I always tell the TSA I won't use the back-scatter scanner and need a pat-down. It usually delays me; available agents are never on hand.

    Kevin M Diffily@kevdiff
    Speechless. TSA agent is walking up to people telling them about the benefits of United Mileage Plus.

    Thanks, TSA for breaking the (expletive deleted) out of our stuff and trying to pass it off as of nothing was wrong

    TSA. hey sHxt4Brains: thnx 4 taking my hairspray & oh btw this bottle of water that was in my purse sure is good. #chicago #airport

    Aaron Williamson@copiesofcopies
    The mandatory casual conversation is more undignified than the opt-out feel-up. #tsa

    Lauren A. Miller@_lauren_miller
    The TSA dog in our airport just tried to eat a woman's scarf.

    Ryane Lally@ryane_elise
    Scratch that....this TSA man making out with his gf while on duty behind a wall<<<<<<<<< Glad to see my taxes pay for you to do that...

    Jehna D@jehnius
    I feel like a cow in a meat processing plant. #LAX #TSA

    Michael Easter@Michael_Easter
    Forgot that was there: TSA in San Juan just found a 3" blade pocketknife in my carryon that JFK security missed

    Nicholas Fulton@nfulton6
    TSA is a damn joke...

    Tom Wingate@tieszenthomas
    TSA just rocks right?? a year ago in Omaha mistakingly handed tsa a hotel receipt inst of my board pass went right through OMG

    Sarah Grieco@SarahGrieco
    Did you know #TSA has a Lost & Found? Sadly, they didn't find my fav bracelet I left at security. I bet it's on an officers' wrist

    Mark Milliman@milliman
    Its time for the @TSA to go. Bloated and ineffective. #fail #tcot

    OMG total pat down. #TSA just invaded every crevice of my body in a search that was more erotic than my sex life! I think the agent enjoyed!

    Adam Kalsey@akalsey
    I just skipped TSA screening at SMF. Opted out, screener took me aside, but got called away. I waited 5 mins & just packed up, walked away.
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