What was your caucus like?

Discussion in 'What's On Your Mind?' started by KrazyKat, Feb 7, 2012.

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    We're weeks away and the electorate here (WA) has been given no instructions whatsoever on caucusing. The gobernor and leg'ive took away the primary last year "to save money." But I just had a ballot to turn in which easily could have included a presidential race.
    At this rate, all it "saves" is 'the little people' (i.e. us--the citizenry voters) having too much say over what the Parties want.

    Wondering how your caucus went?
  2. We haven't had ours yet, but last time around I caucused at the district level for Ron Paul here in AK, and the caucus was kind of a zoo. Long lines to cast your vote, people everywhere, confusing instructions. But in the end it all worked out, we just had to make sure we knew where we were supposed to be at the right times. There weren't enough people who showed up for our district for it to even necessary to vote on state caucus representatives, it was like, anybody who wants to go to the state convention can go.

    My husband did the state convention (we decided we didn't have enough money for us both to do it) and that was full of hijinks and shenanigans. That was back when Sarah Palin was still cool here, and was stirring things up in the Republican Party. At that level he said you could make a real impact if you had a skilled grasp of parliamentary procedure. He had fun battling all the Republican stalwarts in the committees with his Ron Paulish ideas, and making friends and allies with important people and weirdos alike.

    Are you thinking of trying to be a caucus delegate (I forget, is that what they call them?), or just going to cast a vote?
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    I would like to be a delegate; I'll need to see how much they're shaking down participants for to attend the State Convention. The County is so small that there are only two meeting places, with many many precincts at each one, so it should be plenty chaotic.

    It seems like fun to play the game, but the object appears to be to have as little participation as possible. Whether that's okay for Party nerds, it seems another when it replaces the primary. But, hey, I'd get rid of the Electoral College too.

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