What's Good for the Goose... [Arrest of Yakuri Miyamae for groping TSA screener]

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by barbell, Jul 15, 2011.

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    I will as well, at least to the best of my ability.
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    Has anyone found the police report yet? I was thinking after the Sabrina Birge incident, where the mother was arrested, of running a background check on the screeners involved.

    I'm starting to keep a log of the personal information on TSA clerks involved in these incidents so that I can get an investigation of them to see if they have any criminal pasts. I suspect that there will be a portion with relatively recent arrests or convictions and that could be a great way to expose this agency and its minions for what they are Mainly need their name and address from the police report but their age and vital statistics would be helpful.
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    What the (expletive deleted)?! TSA gropes me, but it's not sexual abuse.. A pax gropes them, and it's sexual abuse... :rolleyes:
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    Lisa, that's the warrant in conjunction with Andrea Abbott, the Patriot mom at BNA.

    It's interesting, it appears the Patriot groper Miyamae at PHX was booked by, and is in the custody of, the Maricopa County Sheriff. This is interesting because the Phoenix airport is staffed by City of Phoenix Police, not the Maricopa County Sheriff. I've perused the MCSO website, and can't find any specific information on the arrest, other than the mugshot. Perhaps someone with better Googling skills (hello, Francine!) can find it? Her inmate (?) number is P784227.

    I have some decent contacts in Phoenix, I'll help in any way I can...
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    It's not unusual for a county to do the bookings & run the jails -- Minneapolis (Hennepin County) & St. Paul (Ramsey County) both operate that way. The Hennepin County jail is out in the 'burbs somewhere (I prefer not to know where :) ).
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    Didn't look for a police report, but according to Elizabeth's link above, the screener's name is Barbara O'Toole.

    ETA: I can find a Barbara O'Toole in Tucson, but none in the Phoenix area.
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    The screener's name (Barbara O'Toole) has appeared in several media reports. So far I've been unsuccessful in searching for her FaceBook & Avon pages. :(

    There is a listing for Barbara O'Toole in Mesa, AZ, but this is probably a common enough name that most of we find will probably be mismatches.
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    Elizabeth, we agree!
    (Wasn't able to leave comments on that site for some reason).
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    Good point. I've never been to jail.

    Though if things keep going the way they are, I may finally have the, uh, privilege. :trash:
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    The editorial writers are now kicking into gear ....

    Airline Passenger Fondles TSA Agent; Is Turn About Fair Play?

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    To prepare yourself, besides "Hey, hey, ho, ho", you might start working on, "We shall overcome." :D
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    I wonder if this heroine is one of those poor unfortunates who gets groped and fondled every single time she goes through security and finally had had enough. Also wondering if Barbara O'Tooole hadn't groped her in the past in so horrible a manner that she just could not face it again.
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    I'm not on Facebook. Can someone who is please sign my name to her page/petition/whatever to show support -- I hereby give you permission -- Lisa Simeone, Baltimore, MD. I think it's important to indicate I'm in Baltimore as there are at least a dozen other Lisa Simeones in this country (who knows how many around the world), and I don't want to get the others in trouble or cause them any hardship.
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    On it.

    EDIT: Aaaaaaaaaand done.
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    You gotta love the headline writers at the New York Post: GROPES OF WRATH

    I thought this was a good online comment, from Jeff Lo:
    "It will be veeery interesting to see how this plays out. The TSA is between a rock and a hard place here. They have to prosecute. Otherwise, they're saying it's OK to molest a TSA agent. But if they do prosecute, they start a national dialog."
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    If this case goes to trial and doesn't get plea-bargained, no jury in the country will convict this woman.
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