What's Good for the Goose... [Arrest of Yakuri Miyamae for groping TSA screener]

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by barbell, Jul 15, 2011.

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    Great minds think alike, I see. Someone needs to tweet this. Lisa must be on the "do not post" list.:D
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    I just tried again this morning. The comment I left last night never appeared. This time the only thing I changed was that I took out the link to the Master Lists. But that link shouldn't matter. I've left it on every other site that uses Disqus for comments. Maybe somebody else can try linking it, see if it goes through.

    (By the way, thanks to my reporter friend at Time, I'm finally allowed to comment there. They had two IT people working on it. They sent me several emails, asking this and that. Finally, after saying there was no technical reason why my comments weren't showing up, their final email said simply, "we've adjusted things on our end.")
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    An airport terminal is no different that a downtown high rise tourist attraction, other than the competency of the organization tasked with the procurement and maintenance of the Explosive Trace Portals. I've been pointing this out for some time; the "we can do no wrong" TSA employees simply ignore this inconvenient fact, while the one that are not so smug candidly acknowledge this.
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    Comment left at Rafu Shimpo, the Japanese daily newspaper in Los Angeles:

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    Would be great to get that manager's name.
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    This just in:

    Posted by her attorney to one of her Facebook support groups.

    I'll merge into the larger thread once it occurs, just didn't want it to get lost for now. That is all.
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    Awesome. I sent her legal fund a donation and I'm hoping she fights back.
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    Very interesting interview ongoing now. Yukari was abducted when she was seven.
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    I just listened to the interview. The "only" person that acted appropriately in that situation was Yukari. All of the government personnel were out of line. The TSA employee for pushing herself into Yukari's personal space and verbally and physically threatening her, and the dumba$$ cop playing along in the physical threat and then basically prompting the TSA scum to press sexual assault charges. Neither of those individuals should be in their positions. They tried to physically scare and threaten her into a corner to gain their power and force her to do exactly what they wanted, no other option as available to her, and when that didn't work they got "resistance", which in that situation, most people would expect to take place. They instigated and pushed the situation so they could feel powerful to compensate for their oh so severely undersized self worth.

    Those government employees are sickening people that are a drain and a cancer to society. Now Yukari has to defend herself against their laughable charges, and yet has a lottery type chance of getting real recourse against them.
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    The lady is very articulate. I am in complete agreement with her about TSA gropedowns as boundary violations.

    It is really kooky that the thug got hysterical over the idea a victim would touch her! The TSA thugs really think even the mildest defensive gesture is assault? As for the cop who suggested the sexual assault charges:vomit: How vile. It's sickening to think someone like that wears a badge.
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    I think that if she's charged with any type of assault the verdict will come back "self defense".
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    Thanks for the link to the article, Elizabeth.

    However, I picked up something from it that bothers me:

    Sounds to me as if she could have been "had" in Denver. I realize that Denver has both backscatter and MMW nude-o-scopes. I would hope the agent was referring to the MMW because Ms. Miyamae's initial problem in Phoenix began because she did not want to go through backscatter due to radiation exposure.
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    The police officer should face sanctions, as should the TSA for (wink-wink) knowingly and falsely claiming sexual assault. It's worse than sickening; these are crimes.
    Meanwhile they aren't letting passengers file legitimate complaints. How has TSA's magical legal authority now expanded to the airport police, such that they only operate as the TSA's private police force when conflicts arise? Do they really want to test this in court?
    The Denver Post has picked up the story:
    Hopefully she'll be heard.
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    MSNBC: Accused TSA groper says touching was unintentional

    Colorado Daily News: Longmont suspect in TSA case says abduction at age 7 fueled her 'sense of endangerment'

    Sounds like they just swarmed her & started to grab at her. :(
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