When flying, it's security theater [ROC, ORD]

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    Democrat & Chronicle: When flying, it's security theater (Oct 29 2012)

    I've just returned from a business trip to Chicago. For those who not have traveled recently, I want to share my experiences and perspectives with security procedures of the Transportation Security Administration.

    In the Rochester airport, I witnessed a TSA body search being done on a young woman. She had already removed her sweater and footwear. Her remaining clothing was very form fitting; it would not have concealed any significant weapon. But in plain view of fellow travelers, she was asked to stand spread eagle while a female TSA employee touched every part of her body. I was not the only one uncomfortable for her, other passengers remarked at the intrusiveness of the procedure. When I looked away I saw that nearby male officers were not so shy.

    It gives them someone to ogle while they're standing around. It's one of the benefits of being a TSA thug. Remember that many of them are dimwits hired from ads on pizza boxes and gas pumps. Do you really want them messing with you?

    Returning, my second TSA experience was in Chicago's O'Hare airport. There we were queued up like cattle in a line so large I couldn't even estimate its length until I'd stood for nearly an hour. While waiting, I watched several TSA employees just standing around or leaning against equipment. When I got to the front of the line hundreds-of-people long, I found we were were being funneled through a single security station; there were many adjacent stations but they were unstaffed and idle. We could move no faster than the sole baggage X-ray operator, a process bottleneck that even the dullest engineering graduate would recognize. Multiply my hour-wait time with 640 million TSA screenings, and we lose a thousand human lifetimes of productivity every year.

    Long lines, thousands standing around, idle inspection lanes -- sounds like ... TSA?
  2. In the twitter feed of TSA complaints, a young woman quoted a male screener as saying something like, "You ladies who wear yoga pants to the airport are the best part of my day!" Yep.
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    There have been many women who have complained that they were singled out for the entertainment of male screeners. One or two cases would be one thing, but there have been hundreds of these, including some by celebrities.
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    This is a Freedom Fluffer who needs a lateral transfer to holiday decoration in the white zone...
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