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Discussion in 'Questions & Comments' started by NotaCriminal, Sep 17, 2011.

  1. NotaCriminal

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    I just posted a thread on the other site with a list of questions specific to PIT screening, hoping there were a few that regularly transited PIT, as I don't regularly fly through PIT. The first response was enough that I think I just need to stop reading that site because I don't think asking questions should subject one to personal comments about my personal habits and mental health.

    Where would I post such questions on this website so that I put it in the right place from the get-go?

  2. Doober

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    The person who answered that question ranks, I believe, close to the top of the TSA apologists listing.

    Did you do a search for PIT? I believe there are a couple of PIT regulars who have answered questions in the past about how to get through most easily.
  3. NotaCriminal

    NotaCriminal Original Member

    I did run searches for PIT, as I knew I could be skewered for not looking first. Based on my first 3 pages of hits in the "Practical" forum, the answers seem to be from late 2010, and that's a long time in TSA time.

    Thank you for the information re: the poster. It helps.
  4. Mike

    Mike Founding Member Coach

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  5. NotaCriminal

    NotaCriminal Original Member

    Thank you, Mike.

    Based on today's experience, I'd say there's definitely a change in functionality. Luckily, there were a couple of helpful replies so at least I have some faith left in "internet humanity". What I do find interesting is in reading the rules, there's a long list of terms prohibited to be used against TSA employees, but apparently, rude commentary about your average traveler is acceptable and making comments about one's apparent mental health is the norm. Lesson learned, regardless. And now I know where to post such a question in the future - if I fly again after this trip (I am burning the last of my FF miles and don't intend to fly except for family emergencies or the like).
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  6. myadvice

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    Nota, I am a PIT flyer. To quickly answer your PIT questions:

    1) Do not go to the alternate checkpoint. (this is the one where you have to go outside, and take a bridge to the old commuter concourse)
    2) NoS type is cancer-box
    3) It is getting increasingly harder to self opt-out and just go through the metal detector. It is easier to try to do so during peak travel times.
    4) Take a ride on the glass elevator in the center of the terminal (up to ticketing or down to the rental car area) to check out the layout of the main checkpoint area.
    5) Last couple of times through, the grope wasn't that bad. Don't know if this is because I got lucky or SOP changed.
    6) I don't know what type of TSA security is on the airside for overseas flights (you will have to deal with that on your return trip.)

    feel free to PM me if you have additional questions.
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  7. NotaCriminal

    NotaCriminal Original Member

    Thank you, myadvice. I appreciate your generosity of your time and effort to provide information. I'll stick to the main checkpoint, and we'll see how the SDOO goes. In any case, I'm more reassured it's not necessarily one of Dante's levels of (expletive deleted) between you and the two posters on the other site willing to answer questions. It certainly doesn't sound like RDU, ORD or LAX, and that's what I was hoping to avoid!
  8. DeafBlonde

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    If I were you, I would report those types of posts to the mods at FT. You know what they say, "Tit-for-Tat." :D
  9. Mike

    Mike Founding Member Coach

    I've had them beatch at me for reporting posts. Screw 'em.
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  10. mikemey

    mikemey Original Member

    I just reported that apologist, even if it is 3 days after the fact with this comment:

    I'm absolutely gunning for a trip to the penalty box at this rate. :D
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  11. mikemey

    mikemey Original Member

    Ooh - the wicked witch of the west didn't like my report. PM for details :)
  12. Mike

    Mike Founding Member Coach

    Remember the words of their Dear Leader, "It is never cool to call out a mod."
  13. NotaCriminal

    NotaCriminal Original Member

    Well, I was PM'd and told some things, as well, because. I didn't report it. I am having DNS issues with my netbook so I can't PM back as I hate using the smart phone fo substantial emails. I swear, I am over that board. I didn't even do anything bad or wrong but I get reprimanded ...
  14. Fisher1949

    Fisher1949 Original Member Coach

    I don't waste my time at the other place anymore. I still occasionally (1x -2x/week) peruse the content and make an innocuous post now and them but mainly to post the TUG link in the signature. Its a real cluster now that they "fixed" it with split sections and no apparent consistency with certain thread topics.

    Add to that the capricious moderating and it just isn't much fun anymore. As with everything else, there comes a time to move on.
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