Why Are Today's Journalists So Clueless About Paragraphs

Discussion in 'What's On Your Mind?' started by Mike, Apr 6, 2013.

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    This has been driving me up the walls for ages. Whenever I post quotes from today's media, I usually feel compelled to consolidate individual sentences into paragraphs. I might never have made it out of sixth-grade if I had written crap like this. Mrs. Johnson might have flown home on a broom at the end of the day, but at least she spent her time out of the lair insisting we learn about sentence and paragraph structure, or else!

    This particular journalist also needs to sign up for the crash course in Remedial Punctuation.


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  2. Caradoc

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    Not to mention that "Gumby" sentence - what the (expletive deleted) is that sentence supposed to mean, anyway?

    Seriously? WTF?
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    I am not a full fledged Grammar Geek, but I find my biggest problems fall under run-on sentences and paragraphs being too long. This is simply skin crawling. I may go on for too long, in both sentence and paragraph form, but at least I consolidate well. This looks almost like a cut and paste from emails deal. Sadly this is not limited to local newsies either, the big dogs are just as bad some days.
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    see "run-on sentences" and "comma splice".

    if you're going to write for a living, at least buy a copy of Strunk and White. It's very small and won't take much time to read.
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  5. You know, I think the sentence-paragraph problem is residual old-school newspaper writing, or perhaps articles written for a print paper transferred to the internet. Newspapers use this short paragraph style so their narrow columns can actually have paragraphs, and in fact this leads to (IMO) the trite and stunted style that is newspaper writing. Putting it on the internet really highlights how much newspaper writing needs to catch up with the times.

    As for the run-ons and punctuation, I've got nothing. As a sometimes English professor, I've learned to look past it to keep my sanity, but it really is shocking how much poor writing gets put into print.

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