Why Do Cops and TSA Clerks Continuously Make Idiots of Themselves on Camera?

Discussion in 'What's On Your Mind?' started by FliesWay2Much, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. FliesWay2Much

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    The title says it all. I'm constantly amazed that the stuff TSA clerks, cops, security guards, Border Patrol agents at suspicionless checkpoints, and others in authority do when they know they are being filmed. Why do they do this?

    Do they think they are so right that they don't care?
    Do they get such an adrenaline rush that they are on another level of consciousness?
    Do they think the person will become so intimidated that they won't do anything with the video?
    When they ask someone to stop photographing and filming, do they actually believe people will comply? Do they actually think that they can BS their way into forcing someone to comply? Do they even comprehend that what they are saying is BS?

    I'm simply not wired this way, and I suspect most of you guys aren't either. Can anyone explain this type of behavior we see over & over again in pretty much all demographic, gender, and racial groups?
  2. RB

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    Idiots are idiots 24 hours a day. The camera is only capturing natural behavior.
  3. Mike

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    And a lot of their victims are idiots who do comply. There are a lot of ignorant people out there who believe that you need permission to film someone in a public locations, that police CAN prevent you from filming them, etc, etc.

    10-15 years ago this technology didn't exist for most people. Now that people have it and are leaning to use it, law enforcement has some expensive lessons coming.
  4. TravelnMedic

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    in EMS we call it the para-god syndrome, and thats pretty much what you see here. It is also a trademark of those who have very little power, combined with a power trip ( typically because of small reproductive organ). They think they can get away with it, problem is video doesn't lie and once it surfaces they turn into the bubbling idiot who acts like the dog caught peeing on the carpet and gets there nose rubbed in the puddle.

    Yes... The whole "how dare you question my "authority (insert cartman voice)" you stupid civilian"... Lick my badge and kiss my (expletive deleted). Sadly its these types that should be barred from any type of civil services / customer service work.

    I would say its more because they are in a Altered State of Mentation (AMS), typically in the same reality as those with psycho/mental illnesses

    That is there hope, and most of the population will fold like a cheap lawn chair. Its the ones that refuse to backdown that pop these bullies reality and end up facing the music for there actions.

    Yes they do, or they will try to intimidate to gain "compliance" Again yes they do but its nothing more then a sign of mental illness and how many people suffering from mental illness actually think they are sick and its the rest of us "that aren't right in the head" Thats a quote from a pysch patient I took to the Texas State Mental Hospital not to long ago.

    Alot of it comes from a generation that wasn't disciplined or told "No" growing up and if they didnt initially got there way threw a fit and the parents caved and gave the kid what they wanted to shut them up. As my uncle puts it "Hickory deficiency"

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