"Why the TSA Searches Grandmothers and Toddlers"

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by saulblum, Mar 30, 2012.

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    It appears that Mark Davis is some kind of bedwetting pantywaist (^ to Fisher1949!) who should be cowering under his bed instead of flying.
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    He tells that story of an unsuspecting Irishwoman who was set up to carry a block of plastic explosive and a timer in her luggage as a way to explain why people need their crotches groped. Again with that tired old non-sequitur. Could that stuff fit in somebody's crotch? I dare say they would walk pretty funny if they tried it.
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    He used Mrs. Zimmerman's run-in with the TSA to justify strip searching grannies. What he apparently didn't realize is that the TSA apologized to Mrs. Zimmerman while insisting that they do not strip search anyone*. I tried to set him straight, not that his kind listen and learn.

    *Not that I believe that statement.

    Barbell, your description of him as a bedwetting pantywaist is quite fitting.
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    I left a comment yesterday. The briefest of brief.

    Glad to see that everyone, all 17 commenters, have slammed him. Here's one of my favorites:
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    Just added a comment. If Davis is truly afraid of unscreened people his days of flying are over.
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    He's a coward. Unfortunately, he and his ilk have made my days of flying over. I hope at some point he gets the grope of a lifetime.
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    Do you suppose that the authors of these pieces ever read and/or take into consideration comments made?
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    Yes. And for a small paper like this, double yes. (Wait a minute -- this isn't the former "U.S. News and World Report," is it? If so, I take back what I said about "small paper.")

    Most columnists are eager for reader feedback. This guy will definitely be reading these comments.
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    Not today. Today it's all about page views for revenue. Accuracy takes a distant back seat.
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    Seems like the TSA apologists are out today.

    How do you even respond to the following?

    Why, oh, why, do so many people think that those who are opposed to the TSA are also opposed to any sort of screening?

    And I guess David didn't hear about the recent JetBlue pilot.
  13. How stupid. Again, if he's trying to justify all the crotch grabbing, someone has told grandma to stow these items all up in her adult diaper, which would make her sit pretty funny in her wheelchair. Or hobble pretty awkwardly against her walker.

    That made-for-TV scenario could also happen to any one of the able-bodied people who are ushered through the metal detector when the scanner backs up, or in the still many airports where there are no scanners. That is, if you swallow that it's even a remotely plausible concern.
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    Oh, not for accuracy. I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about the ego boost they get from having comments at their articles.

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