Why you shouldn't consent to searches

Discussion in 'Civil Rights & Privacy' started by Sunny Goth, Jan 6, 2012.

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    This isn't TSA related, but the search happened at an airport and was done by a cop. The suspect was told he wasn't being detained, he was free to go, but would he consent to search? The cop was looking for drugs.

    Maybe the suspect was on drugs at the time because he had a lot of them on him and he still consented to the search. 700 Oxycodone pills is a lot of pills.

    Anyway, read the article and see how consenting to a search can get you into a lot of trouble.

    Court OKs Sea-Tac crotch search

    I liked the comment made by the cop - maybe it's a dig at the TSA?

    "Bruch also testified that it would be "intrusive and embarrassing" and "(not) good," to simply walk up and grab the genital area without cause."
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    Also interesting to note that this has come up in relation to consensual searches (TSA's excuse) before:

    " Russell had relied on another court's 1989 ruling that said consent to search didn't mean consent to groin frisking. That decision involved officers who had randomly stopped suspects and had immediately searched their groins. "

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    More than six years??? Insane.
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    Good public policy. They're about to lay off 500, 000 soldier who would make excellent prison guards.

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