Will it never end?

Discussion in 'What's On Your Mind?' started by Doober, Oct 20, 2011.

  1. Doober

    Doober Original Member

    I just learned today that in order to ship a package via UPS, a "valid government issued photo ID" needs to be produced.

    Was this UPS's idea or another one of DHS's brilliant ideas?
  2. FetePerfection

    FetePerfection Founding Member Coach

    Since it's an asinine policy my guess is DHS. Oh and guess who's boycotting UPS?
  3. KrazyKat

    KrazyKat Original Member

    Since when? They no longer accept mass drop-offs? Someone used my identity to ship a bunch of items this spring!
  4. Mike

    Mike Founding Member Coach

    Same with the post office, more or less. They require something to connect to the person, usually it's the credit card used for payment. As KrazyKat points out, identify theft casts a bit of a cloud over that.

    The exception is preprinted postage, since the payment method will trace back to the individual. Again, there's the issue of identify theft, although with internet transactuions you often have IP addresses that can point back to the individual as well.

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