Woman Escorted Off US Airways Flight For Snapping Photo

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    PIXIQ: Woman Escorted Off US Airways Flight For Snapping Photo: Deemed a "security risk" for photographing nametag of rude employee

    Sandy DeWitt, a professional photographer from Miami, snapped a photo of a rude US Airways gate agent's name tag so she would have the name available later when she lodged a complaint. The gate agent boarded the plane after she was settled in her seat for her flight from Philadelphia to Miami & demanded that she delete the photo; on her way out out, the gate agent stopped in the cockpit & told the captain that Ms. DeWitt was a "security risk". She ended up being escorted off the plane.

    By this time she had no trouble remembering the name: Tonialla G.

    Ms. DeWitt ended up having to settle for a Southwest Airlines flight to Ft. Lauderdale and imposing on friends for a 45-minute drive to Miami to retrieve her car from the Miami airport.
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    PHL + US = This

    And the fact that now anyone can be deemed a security risk and removed for any reason doesn't help.

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