Woman Feels Violated By Airport Security Employee in TX

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Fisher1949, Aug 4, 2011.

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    About says it all.
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    I voted in the poll but was unable to post a comment at the article. It says you have to register, but I couldn't find anyplace to do that.
  5. Mike

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    Everything Lubbock: Woman Feels Violated By Airport Security Employee

  6. barbell

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    Not to make light of this woman's experience, but this doesn't sound out of the ordinary at all for a TSA encounter these days.

    Passenger visibly upset and shaking? Check.

    TSA employee touched a passenger's genitals? "Proper procedure."

    Pat down took so long she missed her flight? "We're short staffed. You'll have to wait 30 minutes or more."

    Touched her everywhere? "Proper procedure. Safety comes first."

    Finger through the band in her pants, pulling them forward to "pick through them" in the front and rear? "Proper procedure."

    Seriously, the above describes every "pat down" I've received since November 2011. It's like they always say:

    TSA Is Funny Until TSA Happens to You
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    I don't mean to derail the thread, but has anyone else been having a lot of problems viewing polls & comments on these news sites when browsing with Firefox? I've removed or disabled about half my extensions, tried an IE8 user agent, allowed all scripts, etc. and the poll & comments section are still missing. Tested in IE9 and it works fine. This isn't the only site either.

    EDIT: Damn, Ghostery was the culprit. I'd rather it was a different extension, but fine, I'll just have to train myself to clear tracking cookies often.
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    It may be your security settings. I had a similar problem with the most recent Firefox update but the problem stopped after I changed the popup and script settings.
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    I felt very sorry for her. She was genuinely shocked and upset. We need many many more like her to express their shock and dismay so that this insanity ends.
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    Confirmed that Ghostery was the problem. Tried it on TenFourFox on my G5 at home and, with all scripts allowed, the content failed with Ghostery enabled and then loaded once I whitelisted the domain.

    Just a useful tidbit for anyone else who runs plugin-loaded instances of ffx and votes in these polls.
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    Wish I knew what you are talking about. :)
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    A rough translation is that he's a geek who was out-geeked by his software.
  13. CelticWhisper

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    Pretty much. Don't computers know they're supposed to do what I actually mean, not just execute instructions literally and abso...lute...ly.........oh, wait.

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