Woman jailed for not allowing daughter to be viewed naked or groped

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Mike, Jul 13, 2011.

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    I'm going to join and help you as soon as I can get the damned registration to work. I'm still fighting with it. I got it to go through by using IE on a Win7 box, now I just need to get the confirmation E-mail. Hasn't arrived yet.

    Cavalry's on its way though.
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    Celtic, Terry1955 seems to have given up. Left a simpering "think positive, be happy" post. I continue to ignore him. (He does, however, make a point of clicking a Thumbs-Down on all TSA-critical comments and a Thumbs-Up on the few TSA apologist comments, so you can counteract that.)
  3. Mike

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    I disagree. The TSO not only allowed the situation to escalate, after the passenger had been arrested & hauled off, the TSO chose to claim her moment of fame in the sun and mouth off to the media. I have no qualms about making an example of her as long as it does not involve physical confrontation.
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    Ah, well, I hadn't thought of that. I forgot that she spoke to the media. That does put a different wrinkle on things. I still wouldn't publish her personal info, though. That could backfire and gain her and the TSA more sympathy, when what we're trying to do is build a culture of resistance.

    By the way, I think I may have mentioned this before in another thread, but in case not: Gene Sharp, now in his 80s, wrote a wonderful little book ('From Dictatorship to Democracy') years ago that's now being used widely for non-violent protest and resistance. It's available for free on-line at his website, though you can also buy a hard copy if you like. He lists a lot of tactics, including shunning.
  5. Mike

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    Here is the arrest affidavit (thanks, Lisa). A good attorney will shred this.

    The passenger was unlawfully prevented from recording the event by the police officer.

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    From the ongoing -- over 600 comments now -- discussion at the Tennessean:

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    According to a poster at the other site, Sabrina never spoke to the press. She made that infamous statement to the arresting officer who put it in his report. Apparently, there is a way to find the report but I don't know how to do it.

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    Lisa, I tried again to register on that site and can't. Delores needs to get in touch with her cousin and urge her to withdraw her plea and fight the "order" of the police officer to put away her camera.
  9. Mike

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    From that other place ...

    The TSO:

    Sabrina Birge
    231 Gifford Place
    Joelton, TN 37084

    I recommend mailing copies of the Constitution and TSA policies, e.g. photography. Technical information as to the differing nature of radio vs. sounds might be worth the effort. Maybe a few dried tea bags. If we can get her phone number, we can start texting the 4th amendment to her. :)

    However, I would advise people to avoid any direct or confrontational contact (e.g. phone calls). Just make the communications educational. Maybe it will sink in.

    The prosecutor:

    Jeffrey J. Nolan
    921 Airport Service Rd.
    Nashville, TN 37214

    Reportedly a part-timer with Dinse, Knapp and McAndrew in Nashville.

    There might be some more information forthcoming. :)
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    This story just makes me ill.

    Though I will say that our friends at TSA continue to tarnish their own bad name. Good for them. I wish them continued success in their ventures.

    I only want to throw this thought out there. I'm torn on publishing the A.S.S.'s name and contact information. I agree that the best way to end this abuse is to shine a very bright, very harsh light on the cockroaches perpetrating this nonsense, Sabrina Birge included. We have tried everything civil within our power, up to, and including lawsuits against it. The best we get are canned letters and nonsense responses. Publicly humiliating a public official, which is Sabrina Birge, will have an immediate and chilling effect on other A.S.S. who wish to continue performing such acts. There is now precedent that the American public, having received no recourse, will do what the American public is expected to do, take matters into our own hands. Ms. Birge is, unfortunately, collateral damage. "Just doin' mah job!" just got a whole lot trickier for her and her ilk. Perhaps this is what it will take to get these neanderthals to stop abusing their fellow citizens. And that's what it will take for this stupid, unAmerican agency to change course.

    However, going on a personal attack against a pawn may have unintended consequences. Are we no better than our adversary if we harass one of them? It seems to me that harassing the harasser (Sabrina Birge in this case) may shine an unflattering light on our own cause.

  11. Lisa Simeone

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    barbell, see my comment on exactly this earlier in the thread.
  12. barbell

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    Lisa, just wanted to add my support...
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    Actually, I goofed. I scanned the posts too quickly and thought victim was the person everyone was trying to track down, not the perp.

    Mea Culpa - However,

    I do pretty much feel the same way about tracking down the perp.

    The perp doesn't have a right to privacy. She assaulted the child and the mother, and she trampled the mother's rights further when she insisted her victim not take a video of the incident. The perp didn't want any evidence to contradict her story that the mother was belligerent. (IMHO TSA perps' attempts to prevent video are efforts to conceal pertinent facts, and strongly suggest intentional criminal activity on their part.)

    While the perp doesn't have a right to privacy, she does have a right to be left alone. Very alone. That's the natural consequence of criminal behavior. Citizens have a perfect right to avoid criminals.
  14. Mike

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    If their new union is concerned about anything other than raking in the dues, this sort of thing will help us in the long run by pitting union vs. management regarding lack of training, inconsistent standards & misinformation.

    TSA is either going to be reformed or scrapped. If it's to be reformed, it will take pressure at all levels and at all pressure points to achieve it.

    Executive summary: No mercy.
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    I don't disagree, Mike, just wanted to put the thought out there, and remind us all of your earlier suggestion

  16. Lisa Simeone

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    Elizabeth, I'm all in favor of shunning, as I indicated above.

    Mike, very good point. I've been trying to walk a fine line between condemning the TSA's policies -- and individual abusive TSA agents -- and those TSA people who are on our side. I do believe there are many of them, some of whom are staying in jobs they hate because of this wretched economy. I don't want to alienate them. They can be our allies. If we can avoid an Us vs. Them approach in all this (and I know it's hard -- I still chuckle when I see "smurfs" being used, etc.), then we can win this battle. I'm sure thousands of them also don't want to be groping people, think it's abusive, think it's outrageous, cringe when they watch their colleagues berating someone. But we know that most of them won't speak up, especially because, as has been reported, then they get into trouble with their bosses, who are only too happy to dish out abuse themselves.

    This is a very delicate balancing act and I don't claim to have all the answers about how to approach it. I just know there's strength in unity.
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    Lisa makes a good point, this is a tricky area. There is evidence that the abusive attitude has been institutionalized in the TSA management structure. There have been reports and anecdotal comments by screeners in blogs talking about the capricious and punitive actions taken against them by managers. many have pointed out that this environment and the disgusting nature of TSA procedures causes the screeners with a sense of decency to leave as soon as they can and enables the misfits and perverts to accumulate like pond scum.

    It would be in our collective interest if more screeners were of the decent variety so running off the few remaining good ones doesn't really help. There are still a surprising number of folks on the fence about TSA (although the tide has been turning our way recently) and personal attacks on screeners and hyperbole aren't effective in swaying that group.

    That said, there is also an expectation that a truly abusive screener is subject to public exposure and the attendant repercussions. Those who commit crimes are routinely exposed and sometimes their address and some personal details are mentioned in the reports. But harassing every screener who gets mentioned in a groping story would likely be a strategic error.
  18. CelticWhisper

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    It's a better idea to force public attention on the fact that the pond scum screeners aren't being punished for what they're doing.

    It's been hinted at numerous times with people mentioning the fact that TSA/Bloviating Bob say that "The TSOs acted according to SOP. This was correct." No more details, no further attention paid, no punishment for the A.S.S. responsible. Just "they followed SOP" and that's that.

    We should make a point to really harp on the fact that if that's the case, then SOP is wrong and the clerk was every bit as wrong for following it. Bloghdad Bob needs to be made really, really sick of hearing the words "Not good enough!" from the public in response to the "just following orders" Nazi-apologetics. And when he begs <PUFFYCHEST>demands</PUFFYCHEST> that the public stop saying "not good enough," he needs to hear it louder, more often, and more angrily.

    A woman was arrested for defending her children. WHY?

    "The USA TSA TSOs followed USA TSA TSO SOP SSI."

    Not good enough. Why was this woman arrested for stopping the molestation of her children?

    "It's SOP and SSI for the TSA. TSOs followed it and so all is correct. You are hereby required to begin making your brain undergo those chemical reactions that make you feel that this was correct. START FEELING THAT THIS WAS CORRECT, CITIZEN."

    Not good enough. SOP was wrong. TSOs were wrong. TSA was wrong. Why was this woman arrested for protecting her children?

    "Stop saying not good enough!"

    NOT GOOD ENOUGH. We demand punishment for this TSO. Why was this woman arrested for protecing her children?

    "Stop asking questions! SOP! SSI! NINE ELEVEN!"

    NOT GOOD ENOUGH. We demand punishment for this TSO and termination for you, BB. Why was this woman arrested for protecting her children?


    And so on, until we get the results we're after.
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    Yes, and that Facebook page hails Mrs. Abbot as a hero. For every hero we need a villain. Ours is:

    Sabrina Birge
    231 Gifford Place
    Joelton, TN 37084
    I have a phone number coming and will post it when received.UPDATE: She disconnected her landline and only uses a cell and is not responding to emails to her Avon site, saying only she will contact you later.
    And it appears that her primary qualification for security work is her training and experience as an Avon "lady." I almost used a different 4 letter word but thought better of it. It appears she rents her property so there is no mortgage to mess with.
    And she had a facebook page but it was pulled for some reason.

    The prosecutor who arranged for the arrest warrant is:

    Jeffrey J. Nolan
    921 Airport Service Rd.
    Nashville, TN 37214
    It appears Mr. Nolan is a part-time prosecutor, and is employed with Dinse Knapp and McAndrew law firm in Nashville. He's a tall scrawny guy from Vermont who works usually with employment law and school law. I'm getting a list of their clients for boycott/contact purposes.

    Mrs Abbott's first court appearance is on Aug. 1, 2011 in front of Judge Leon Rubin, who is a General Sessions Court Judge specializing in minor criminal cases and divorces. That appearance is for a "settlement" conference, where the prosecutor will try to work out a "deal." If I were representing Mrs. Abbott (Oh, how I wish!) the only deal I would recommend to her would be a voluntary dismissal of all charges, with prejudice. Short of that, I would tell the prosecutor, nicely of course, to go suck lemons (or something else.) A normal voluntary dismissal is without prejudice to a refiling and does not act as an adjudication on the merits, which is a prerequisite to filing a wrongful arrest/malicious prosecution suit, which hopefully will leave TSO Birge homeless, penniless and suicidal.

    While we who seethe with hatred for the TSA might feel the need to try to put pressure on to have the charges dropped, I don't know how experienced and willful the defense counsel will be. So, while expressing displeasure to Birge, and letting her know that we resent sharing air with her, is a pleasing thought please make no threats of violence or retribution. After all, why warn her? She can still be expunged as a welcomed member of civil society later. Pressure on the prosecutor and his firm could have a salutory effect in having him come to the conclusion that a dismissal with prejudice is a great idea.
    Now, if you are in a management position with a company that has connections or does business in Nashville, a phone call going something like this might be appropriate:

    Us: Yes, Mr. Dinse, (head of lawfirm) our firm is looking to retain Tennessee counsel. Can we discuss that?
    Lawfirm: Of course, Mr. Us, any time you desire.
    FTer: Oh wait a minute. Is your law firm the one who employs that idiot TSA goon prosecutor Nolan?
    Lawfirm: Yes. Why?
    FTer: Oh, never mind, then. Goodbye.

    And if anyone (Jon?) comes across the name of Mrs Abbott's defense lawyer, please post it so I can contact him/her with offers of assistance, both financial and with time.
  20. Mike

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    Thank you for providing the full post. :)

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