Woman jailed for not allowing daughter to be viewed naked or groped

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  1. Lisa Simeone

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    Considering how much the police (in general) despise the TSA, I'm surprised this cop arrested her. He was being a jerk and was determined to throw his weight around. Since we have no rights anymore at the airport, he took advantage of the situation. I bet more than a few of his buddies are silently pissed at him.
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  2. Elizabeth Conley

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    Police officers know the law. They more than any of us know that the TSA is government run amok.

    For that matter, prosecutors know the law too. Acting as TSA enforcers doesn't do anyone credit, particularly those whose careers depend on a reputation for integrity.
  3. FetePerfection

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    Which is why this is so puzzling - I guess we have another one of those "bad apples" as TSA likes to call 'em.
  4. Mike

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    What it looks like to me is business as usual for the not-so-bright LEO's at the Nashville airport. I realize we most of us here have a specific agenda in mind, but this really impresses me as a case of "dumb cop, dumb charge, duh whadda we do now?"

    This dumb cop most likely has other issues coming up in the case, such as preventing Andrea Abbott from recording the incident. The Nashville Airport PD have had other dumb cop incidents recently where they apparently were to stupid to learn, e.g. this one.

    One of their other not-so-bright bulbs posts regularly in that other place. Around day two he even assured us that this case was wrapped up & headed for "settlement". Guess not .... :D

    I'm optimistic that the court case will provide some overdue continuing education for the Nashville Airport PD, assuming they have sufficient analytical skills to comprehend the result.
  5. Mike

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    Most do. Some of them lack sufficient analytical skills to apply it to specific situations. A few are just plain stupid or so outright arrogant that the law becomes secondary.

    I've taken a number of stupid attorneys to task over the years. I doubt that on average cops are as even as bright or capable as attorneys.

    The prosecutors are just now getting into this case. Since it was charged as a ticketed misdemeanor, until today they probably only saw it as one bundle of papers in a pile of cases for today's docket. Now that she's refused to cop a plea, they'll have to figure out what to do with that bundle of papers.
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    A majority of LEO's I've had the pleasure of knowing, from captains to deputies, to those just starting out, are salt of the earth. But there are, in that mix guys like this airport jerk. In our neck of the woods, steriod abuse among this type of LEO is a problem. Look at how that airport cop is built, especially the round Barry Bonds type head, which you can get from using steroids. It might just be an appearance thing, or it might be an issue here. Anger management and aggressiveness is a real issue for LEOs who are on steriods.

    I hope the defense attorney has him drug tested for that. After he sues his *ss for infringing on Abbott's 1st Amendment rights.
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  7. Mike

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    Local writeup of Monday's continuance ...

    The Tennessean: Mom arrested at airport fights charges

  8. Fisher1949

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    Does she have a legal defense fund yet?
    I left a comment suggesting Causeway and set up a legal defense fund to similar to the Yukari Miyamae Legal Defense Fund to aid in her fight for justice.


  9. Doober

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    Most interesting. Thanks for the education.
  10. Doober

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  11. Cartoon Peril

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    Can't really do that in criminal court. Better defense would be to review in detail the actual charges and focus on reasonable doubt but without full access to the police reports, formal charge and evidence, such as the defense attorney would have, there really isn't any way to try to chart out a possible defense. Also, the defense attorney will be going over the video carefully with the defendant and with the daughter, will probably make a time-line. He'll have the subpoena power of the court, as well as a variety of constitutional protections which require full disclosure to the defense of anything exculpatory, that is, anything that would make a conviction harder to get, or which would tend to reduce the punishment if someone were convicted. Anybody at the government who tries to play games of withholding evidence will find it won't work here.
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    doober . . . !

    I don't understand the vagaries of any of these places. I registered at Boston.com a long time ago, have posted comments for ages, and now suddenly can't do it anymore. Who knows how this stuff works? I'm lucky I can turn on my computer.
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    But I'm sorry you can't register/comment there, because the TSA apologists are out in full force: vestevens, Terry1955, LeahMosheim/IraKurtz73 (one and the same person -- a sockpuppet). But I'll try to hold down the fort!
  16. KrazyKat

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    They are no longer going to allow official video to be used for anything than pressing charges. So no more inconvenient video like this one.
  17. Mike

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    Her attorney is presenting her free of charge.
  18. Doober

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    I don't quite understand what you mean.
  19. Mike

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    They can't prevent that. You have a constitutional right to take photographs (including video) in public places. Checkpoint videos are available through FOIA requests.
  20. Monica47

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    Yesterday I wrote a very short email to Andrea Abbott's attorney thanking him for representing her. He replied this morning with a very short "thanks for the thanks". From what I've read on his website I think she is in good hands.
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