Video Woman Molested at ORD T1 by TSA (19 July 2011)

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    Just thinking aloud, the argument is often made that TSA isn't supposed to stop "terrorists" only WEI. You could easily make the argument that they do neither.
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    CelticWhisper, your letter is, as always, excellent. I've made a few suggested changes for clarity of argument and what , I think, is better word choices. It is still a single page in Word.

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    One thing I believe we need to keep away from in writing to anyone is giving an opportunity for the recipient to come back at us with something to the effect of "well, since no terrorists have been caught, whatever the TSA is doing is working."

    Sorry if this is somewhat boggled - my allergies are so bad today I can hardly see the screen.
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    Doober - I think that's a winning formula right there. If nobody has any further suggestions for revision, I'm going to send that one in tomorrow. I'll be E-mailing, faxing and snail-mailing it unless you think that's overkill. At this point, I'm starting to think that there is no kill like overkill. (TIME SINK ALERT)
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    I watched it, and being hearing impaired, I tend to be VERY visually oriented and notice body language and expressions.

    What I noticed was that she is doing OK up until 1 minute 12 seconds into the video.

    There she turns so she can see the person taking the video, and by her body language it looks like she noticed that somebody was taping her....

    I wonder what she is saying from 1:12 to 1:43? Worried that it will go up on Youtube, she be recognised & be embarrassed?

    Is there a text transcript/could somebody transcribe it?

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    They do, indeed, prey on people, especially women, traveling alone. This has been reported countless times. (Incidentally, CBP has also been known to do this.) When you're traveling alone, you obviously have no allies.
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    I think humor is an important psychological tool, both to fight back and to buck ourselves up. (There are many different psychological tools, depending on the context, including contempt.) Furry Girl had a novel way of turning the tables (we discussed her in another thread); it obviously isn't everyone's cup of tea, but I thought it was funny. Aaron Tobey, the UVA student who stripped to his shorts with the 4th Amendment printed on his chest, used another protest tool -- got arrested for it but will surely get off, as it's an insane charge.

    Anyway, using correct anatomical language instead of euphemism is another tool. Playing dumb might be another. ("I don't understand." "Hold my arms up how?" "Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't understand." "I thought I was already doing that.") Of course that might also piss them off. But then anything can piss them off, so what've you got to lose?!
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    The woman turns to Mark and says "are you filming this?" Mark confirms that he is. She then asks for a copy and he says he will give it to her. The screener comes up to him to tell him not to talk to her. After the woman's is finished she apparently says something else which I can't pick up and Mark's response is to the effect of ".......after they've dosed you with radiation." I presume the woman commented on the grope after she'd gone through WBI.
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    Updated link for 14 year old story. Same story but different You Tube URL.

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    I've written most of members of the Oversight and Government Reform 112th Congress Committee commenting on TSA and received several positive response. Darryl Issa is clearly opposed to TSA and invited comments from non-constituent in his response. You have to be in their district to contact them through their official (.gov) websites but almost all have separate private websites that will accept emails from anyone If you go through the government website then usually all you need is a zip code their district and the rest of the information can be gibberish.

    One of the letters I was working on (until the budget furor hit) questioned the lack of specific limits on TSA procedures. I delayed finishing it until things settle down in DC to improve the odds that it will actually get read by a staffer. An excerpt of the draft follows, feel free to use any portions that you wish.

    There are no stated limits to the extent of TSA searches, leaving passengers subject to abuse and physical harm at the hands of callous screeners. When challenged on a procedure or item, screeners frequently reply that the information posted on the TSA website is outdated no matter how recently the passenger checked. When the screeners abuse, violate or physically harm a passenger, as they regularly do, TSA claims that they followed procedure no matter how blatantly egregious the violation, yet refuse to state what the procedure should be claiming that is Sensitive Security Information. This is the most transparent excuse for mismanagement and corruption ever offered by a US agency and is clearly an outright lie.
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    many thanks for the synopsis; every time I see a youtube vid of somebody being "patted" (actually stroked) down, it angers me all over again.
    A couple months ago I saw two ladies get the 'treatment' at John Wayne airport after I had gone thru security and was at the gate waiting for my flight to board... evidently they set off the WTMD (no scanners there yet).
    Made me ill to see it happen.... I talked to one of them afterward and it wasn't a big deal to her (maybe she had some metal someplace in her body and it always happens, who knows?).
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    Bolding Mine: Or maybe she was simply wearing a deadly underwire bra? :eek: I have heard time and again that the metal detectors (WTMD) are more sensitive now than they have ever been. It is frightening to me that I might get my crotch groped because of an underwire bra, rivets on jeans, metal zippers, or jewelry which would not normally set off a WTMD alarm. Seriously!
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    Maybe they're afraid of something like this.

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