Woman with prosthesis says TSA agent made her feel uncomfortable

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    I am so sick and tired of the TSA "regretting" a passenger had an "unpleasant" experience!

    SAN ANTONIO -- A woman is speaking out in hopes of restoring her dignity. She said a TSA agent at the San Antonio International Airport pulled her prosthesis without notifying her.

    The woman, Suzanne Steiner, is a breast cancer survivor. She said she never thought her prosthesis would make her feel embarrassed.

    What was supposed to be a fun vacation to Orlando, began with a travel day Suzanne Steiner won't soon forget.

    "I have never been treated like this," Steiner said.

    In early May, after passing through the full body scanner at the airport, Steiner was pulled to the side by a female TSA agent.

    "She started to search me, only my right breast," Steiner said. "And I said, 'Oh that's alright, that's my prosthesis, I've had a mastectomy.'

    "So she starts searching more, and I thought, 'what the heck is all that about?'."

    Steiner said the agent never acknowledged her or told her what she was doing. Instead, according to Steiner, the agent proceeded to pull the prosthesis out of her bra, about an inch away from her body.

    "I don't cry easily, and I sat at the gate nearly in tears," she said.

    Steiner said when she tried to file a complaint that day, TSA agents were insensitive. One agent told her, "you set off an alarm, you should expect to be checked". Already embarrassed, Steiner said that made the situation even worse.

    "You don't need to be treated poorly. You need to be allowed to retain your dignity and I was not afforded that in this instance," Steiner said.

    A spokesperson for TSA gave KENS 5 the following statement:

    TSA officers are trained and expected to perform screening methods in a dignified and respectful manner at all times. We work to make our screening procedures as minimally invasive as possible while providing the highest level of security for the traveling public.

    Complaints about pat down procedures are taken seriously and thoroughly investigated. We regret that this passenger had an unpleasant experience and have discussed her concerns with her directly.
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    Like the bitch that ran her hands up under my wife's bra.

    All we get from TSA spokesholes are lies and bull:poop:.
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    Same thing they did to the US Air flight attendant, Ms. Bossi, over two years ago. At least they admitted the screener violated procedures in that one.
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    TSA clerks can't even be trained not to harass someone just because they're holding a camera. They can barely be trusted not to pee on the floor.

    And there's no such thing as a "TSA officer." Calling an idiot, moron, thug, thief, or pervert an "officer" doesn't make them one.
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    Travelers need to call the police and file an complaint against the individual. Their job for the TSA doesn't matter when they commit an assault.
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    "Battery." Not assault.

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