Women caught smuggling coke in hairdos

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Monica47, Sep 27, 2012.

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    This explains all the complaints about TSA searching women's hair -

    Two women who flew into New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport caught the eyes of TSA agents, partially because they appeared "extremely nervous" and partially because they had skyscraper-tall hairstyles. TSA gave the women a two-handed once-over, quickly noticing "an unusual bulge beneath [their] hair weaves." After telling agents they were unable to remove their weaves, their plot unraveled at a medical facility, when packages containing drugs were discovered stitched into their faux-dos. Between the two of them, they were carrying more than two kilos of cocaine which, as one Smoking Gun commenter put it, brings new meaning to the word "cokehead." [Source]
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    oh geez zoo pete, I can see the :trash: hitting the rotating oscillator. How much you want to bet they will start "patting down" bald guys heads as well. The ick factor just went to a whole new level.
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    There have already been reports of bald guys having their heads patted down.
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    That would draw a YHGTBFKM from me as well as a "hey :trash: for brains...do you realize how retarded you look for patting down bare skin".

    Then again at this point nothing surprises me and I am more and more disgusted by this country every day.
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    These broads are morons, but their coke heads don't endanger the flight.
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    How sad is it, that on reading the thread title, I had to first stop and wonder if they were smuggling cocaine, or highly dangerous liquid coca-cola.?
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    :D Good one!!^Thanks for my chuckle of the day!

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