WSB TV: Pictures show breach remains at airport

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    The security breach involves access to catering carts that have been inspected but not yet sealed ...

    WSB TV: Pictures show breach remains at airport

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    Atlanta has been the subject of multiple security lapses, including the free pass to airport workers prior to completing background checks. This is the same airport that was hiring part time screeners for 4 hour shifts in the evening a few months ago.

    Given the short shifts they offered it's likely that they'll draw only from the labor pool that is very close to the airport. Anyone who has spent ground time near ATL knows how bad the area around the airport is, yet this is most likely where those TSA screeners will be coming from. Any doubt that there will be even more thefts and assaults at ATL?
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    At TSA News:

    TSA incompetence at nation’s busiest airport
    by BILL FISHER on MAY 8, 2012
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    The TSA would obviously prefer to spend boatloads of cash pretending to search for imaginary threats (terrorist activities designed to catastrophically end the flight) rather than smaller amounts of cash to eliminate almost infinitely more likely threats (TSA screeners stealing things and abusing passengers.)
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