WSJ: For Sale: Your TSA Confiscated Items. Cheap.

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    WSJ: For Sale: Your TSA Confiscated Items. Cheap.

    Ever wonder what happens to all the knives, power tools, snow globes, baseball bats, sunglasses, jewelry and overcoats that get confiscated or left behind at TSA airport checkpoints?

    Check eBay or Or come to one of the many government-run surplus stores around the country that sell TSA chattel. You’ll find belts for $5, cork screws and nail clippers all 10 cents each, scissors at $3 a pair. In Austin, Texas, there’s an auction of collectible knives every Friday.

    The Middle Seat, which ran Monday on the front page instead of its usual Thursday, looks at how the Transportation Security Administration sends truckloads of prohibited items off for resale ...
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    If all these things are so f**king dangerous, they should be destroyed immediately in the presence of the owner. I would bet my next paycheck that not one single "prohibited" item that they confiscated posed a threat to aviation passenger security, up to and including the knives! :rolleyes:
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    You sank that nail !! !!
    I've been saying this for year but alas, the amount of wide eyed, deaf ears is staggering.

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