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    And if you look at his picture in the Register, you know exactly why this happened.
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    Driving while black is a serious problem. Something has to be done about it. It just can't go on.



    The sycophant's email address is:

    Moron. When you're being attacked by two people at close quarters, are you just supposed to let them beat the :trash: out of you, then maybe take your gun & use it on you?

    This sycophant's email address is:


    Hope he sues them for false arrest. Their case was so flimsy that all charges but one were dropped before the trial. What would his bail had been if they had don that up front? And the jury saw right through the one charge that was left:

    A verdict of "not guilty" on an inept case that never should have been prosecuted in the first place.

    Apparently the local cowboy constabulary has no qualms about pulling their own guns in traffic situations:

    West Des Moines Patch: UPDATE: Cops Pull Gun on Speeder – Guess Who Stepped Out of the Car? More than a half-dozen police vehicles were involved in a “chase” down the freeway as a doctor drove just above the speed limit toward a downtown Des Moines hospital.

    More in the Patch article. The same same spokehole that defended the arrest of Lewis also defended the armed harassment of the emergency room physician. Karma comes around, morons -- keep harassing those doctors and they won't be there for you.
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    Officer Brent (s/b bent) Kock wrote her the ticket. That's a Kock who's a real pr*ck. what a tool.

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