You're Allowed to Fly with Your Head

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Mike, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. Mike

    Mike Founding Member Coach

    Chicago Tribune: Lifelike human face in carry-on bag gets TSA's attention

    The head is a replica made for use on gravestones.
  2. Cartoon Peril

    Cartoon Peril Original Member

    Could the head apply for a job at TSA?
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  3. jtodd

    jtodd Original Member

    I don't know why not, it has the same IQ. I bet it could run circles around some of the mental midgets the TSA has employed. In fact, I bet if you put it up head to, ahem, head against the TSA porno watchers at DFW, the Red team failures/successes would come out about even.
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  4. Mike

    Mike Founding Member Coach

    Only if it's vetted and badged, which it appears is possible.
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