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    Welcome (home) to Amerika!

    To some extent (e.g. return flights to U.S.) I think he's confusing TSA with Customs & Border Protection, but the overall harassment involves both. This is a good read ...

    Huffington Post: Ramadan Reflection Day 9: Racial Profiling (July 28 2012)

    Another TSA worker would then come up to me while I was in the box. "Mr. Latif, we are going to do an extended pat-down on you at this time. I will be patting down your entire body with my hands including running a finger through your neckline and waistline. When I get to your more sensitive areas, such as your inner groin and backside, I will use the back of my hands instead of the front of them. Are you comfortable with this?" I would let a out a deep sigh, as in my mind I'm thinking, "Yes, I obviously was hoping to get felt up by a strange man this morning."


    There also used to be a time when I took international flights, I would be detained coming into the country. Whether I was traveling for work, in an official capacity on behalf of the State Department, or for leisure, I was consistently stopped. It got to the the point that I couldn't even get off the plane by myself. Our flight would land on the runway and an announcement would be made to have passports ready as TSA was doing random checks as we disembarked. Essentially I was the random check. When the two TSA agents at the door of the plane came to me and my passport in the line, the one who found me would say to the other, "I've found him," and then the two would escort me to the detaining room for a period of two to six hours at time.
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    There have been several examples of CBP and TSA confusion. It's interesting that those people who are confused about the two automatically assume they were interacting with TSA.

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