Video YouTube: Jennifer Lopez gets Felt up by TSA (31 Dec 2010)

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Mike, Jun 11, 2011.

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    Why, oh why, did they have to "pat" her down? Seriously! Even I could tell that she had no room in that outfit to conceal WEI. I guess it is all for show...for the benefit of the male blue-shirts to get vicarious thrills by watching her get a feel-over! :td:
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    yes, and they have to make sure they are real. that's potentially a lot of explosive mass hidden in those.
    there is a constant theme of sexual perversion in everything TSA has been doing since Pistole took over. I wonder if he's a cross dresser like his mentor J. Edgar Hoover. Not that there's anything wroooong with that, except when you inflict your fantasies on SEVEN HUNDRED AND FIFTY MILLION PEOPLE!

    Roving explosives dogs would do the job at the airports. You don't need to get everyone, just have them pop up randomly with a fairly high frequency, hit and run. That would be enough. It's not like the current situation is any different with random AIT and WTMD, with the passengers able to opt out entirely, guaranteeing they won't get caught if they get picked for AIT, since they just decline and go home that day.

    The only reason dogs aren't used like this, as they are in civilized parts of the world is that we hire the most stupid rejects we can find, the most clueless, and the most criminally inclined, and send them to staff TSA headquarters.
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